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Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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Rather than being able to sue their employers for injuries suffered on the job or as a result of work, employees are provided workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost wages and medical bills. The process for recovering these benefits can be complicated, and many workers are denied coverage based on technicalities. Many times, these denials are based on diagnosis issues or disputes surrounding if the condition directly resulted from the workplace.

File Your Work Injury Claim ASAP

It is important that you file for workers’ comp as soon as possible following the injury or as soon as you suspect that your pain is caused by your occupation. There are deadlines and protocol to be covered, as well as a detailed appeals process. Beginning the process as quickly as possible solidifies your claim and positions you for the most successful outcome possible.

These laws are created by each state, varying slightly between states. At the Shanks Law Firm, we are equipped to handle these cases throughout Nebraska and Iowa, conscious of the differences and nuances between the two. Generally, the laws require businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance, sufficient to cover any injuries their employees may sustain. On top of this, there are federal guidelines to cover workers in federal government positions and in certain types of jobs.

We are equipped to walk you through this process, getting the medical opinions and diagnoses you need to build a solid claim. We come alongside clients for the appeals process, fighting a denial and working to recover the benefits needed.

We also represent clients in third-party liability matters. These occur when the injury suffered was caused, at least in some part, by a third party or company. These cases are handled supplemental to workers’ compensation claims.

Representing Iowa And Nebraska Families Along I-29

We handle all workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis, never accepting a fee unless you are compensated. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your injury with an Omaha workers’ compensation lawyer, please contact our firm today at 712-322-2600.

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