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Construction Accident Attorneys

Construction-related injuries are some of the most prevalent types of work-related injuries. Given the physically intensive nature of the job, the risk of being injured is inherently greater. Injuries can happen suddenly by lifts, falls, drops or equipment failure. Conditions can also develop over time from repeated use or constant bodily strain. While sudden injuries are easier to prove and recover benefits for, gradual injuries also entitle the worker to benefits.

Attorneys Handling Construction Accidents And Injuries

At the Shanks Law Firm, we are equipped to handle any form of construction accident or injury. We evaluate the details of the case and develop a case for recovering benefits. We carry the legal load of the matter so that you can focus on recovery and healing as we advocate on your behalf to get the compensation you need.

Accidents on the construction site can cause a wide range of injuries, including back injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord and brain injuries, knee injuries, catastrophic injuries, loss of senses, amputation and even death. Following these terrible situations, you are entitled to benefits to help cover the cost of medical treatment and lost wages.

Railroad Injuries

We are also prepared to handle railroad injuries. With more than 100,000 miles of rail in the United States, many employees face the risk of working in this industry on a daily basis. Each year, thousands of workers are hurt or killed working the railroads. This can happen in a wide range of situations, including derailments, equipment failure and collisions. We are highly knowledgeable of this industry and prepared to thoroughly investigate each injury, providing the representation you need on your side.

We are also equipped to handle FELA litigation.

Representing Iowa And Nebraska Families Along I-29

We take all construction and railroad workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss the accident and resulting injury with an Omaha construction accident lawyer, please contact our law firm today at 712-322-2600.

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