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Personal Injury Lawyers

At the Shanks Law Firm, we are prepared to represent the interests of individuals and families that have been hurt due to the negligence or irresponsibility of other parties or companies. Often following these accidents, it can be difficult to recover the benefits and compensation you deserve. We have the litigation and personal injury experience and knowledge that you need.

Protecting You From The Insurance Companies — That’s Our Policy

Following an accident or injury, it is important that you have a firm on your side, committed to holding the insurance companies and responsible parties accountable for the benefits you are owed. You need these financial awards to cover costly medical and repair bills. We are dedicated to handling the legal side of the injury so that you can focus on your recovery.

We handle all personal injury matters, including:

Personal Injury Cases

Nursing Home Injuries

Medical Malpractice

Workers’ Compensation

We understand the complexities and nuances of workers’ compensation cases and what it takes to build a solid case on your behalf. Our team puts in the diligent work and preparation to ensure that your case reaches the most successful resolution possible. This includes thorough investigation, skilled organization, and presentation of evidence. We have the experience and understanding to grasp the medical and technical aspects of your case, working with the appropriate professionals to acquire the expert opinions needed.

We handle all workers’ compensation matters on a contingency fee basis, never accepting a fee in these cases unless you are awarded compensation.

We are also prepared to handle business law and employment law matters. This includes business torts, disputes, contract law and other matters vital to your company’s success. We have the litigation experience you need on your side to enjoy the confidence that your business interests are being protected.

Representing Iowa And Nebraska Families Along I-29

To arrange a free consultation to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney in Omaha and Council Bluffs about what we can do to fight on your behalf, please contact our firm today at 712-227-3020.

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